About this site

    Welcome to my personal website! This website (https://server.22408aaron.net) started after I was tinkering with a web server program and came to the realization that I can host a website using my home Internet! My ISP at the time (Verizon FiOS) made it very easy to do simple hosting because they were not like some of the many ISPs that blocks outgoing ports, usually port 80, for home Internet service. Unfortunately when I went off to post-K12 school, I had multiple issues with the computer running the web server (an older computer running a flaky version of Windows Server) and eventually I could not keep up with the crashing as I was unable to remote into the server to fix it.

    Fast forward to the departure of my post-K12 schooling, we moved to a new area and switched ISPs. I won't say which ISP I am using, but it needles to say it isn't a very great one. One of their tricks is that they block outgoing port 80 because they feel that people shouldn't be able to "capitalize" on the bandwidth that they pay for. Another trick is that they offer ridiculously low upload speeds unless you have a gigabit over fiber connection which we do. When I first started setting up my home server system, I used a better computer and started fresh with a new install of Windows Server and changed my web server to Microsoft's Internet and Information Server (IIS) which drastically improved reliability. The only problem that I had to deal with was outgoing port 80 being blocked. By the grace of God, port 443 (which is used by HTTPS) is not blocked which allowed me to run the website, and I use a content delivery network to force HTTPS before reaching my server.

I guess that is all I have to say! If you would like to contact me, please visit this page to do so.

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